Monday, February 18, 2013

Reds on the up under Rodgers?

The argument to retain Rodgers seemed to be from some apologetic text without regard for Liverpool's history and of the need to get back on the 'perch' A-SAP. Granted Shankly would have approved Rodgers team's fluidity of play which at times, is attractive to watch. Yet Rodgers who had far too much luxury of time compared to his predecessors to bed the players,

and has NOT produce the desired result on crucial matches and league position This is alone a travesty for any Liverpool manager, young or seasoned

A club of Liverpool's stature should not have the patience for Rodgers to hone his tactics and strategies against the big league managers.

The problem is many are fooled into believing Rodgers is the next Joan of Arch, leading the armies to capture Saint Loup without military experience.After all any Liverpool's manager is the chosen Messiah.

You either produce for your flock of the dearly faithfull it or you re defrocked ! At best Rodgers is ideal for Liverpool's youth academy but he is no Luke Skywalker at the time when the Empire needs to strike back.

Do we still have time while the Manchunians are galloping away to their 20th??

His has been a far from perfect season for Liverpool and in the same way that he cannot be condemned as a hopeless failure, we mustn’t rush into proclaiming Rodgers as a soaring success

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